Monday, July 7, 2014

Condescending Wonka Comments On Obama's Trip To Minneapolis

Wow, The President took a trip to Minneapolis. How exciting.

Many of you Minnepolitans REALLY believe that our friend from Kenya is really concerned for the people of this country. Your faith in Obama is truly inspiring.

The local news media breathlessly reported that the President stepped down from Air Force One, because he really wanted to meet this person named Rebekah, and ask her how she was doing and stuff. What a guy.

He spoke at a 'townhall meeting'. I heard that in order to be allowed in, you needed a 'golden ticket'. I wasn't there, so I'm just wondering if he took any tough questions from the attendees. Did anybody ask him about Lois Lerner or Fast And Furious or Benghazi or the dismantling of The Constitution or why he is trafficking under-aged illegal aliens? 

I'm guessing that he just ran out of time.

Was it really a 'townhall meeting', or was it really a 'pep rally for his low-information voters? Just wondering.

Did anybody faint? I feel a great sense of sympathy for many Obama voters, who seem to have trouble getting enough oxygen in their brain.

I am interested in knowing how many people who attended this 'townhall meeting' had their health plans cancelled by Obamacare. I'm sure that if they did, they would believe Obama when he says that it was the fault of the previous administration. Barry can do no wrong. If you criticize Dear Leader it only proves you're a (whispering) racist.

I'm so happy for Rebekah Erler. I'll bet that the president's visit turned her life around!

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