Monday, July 7, 2014

David Axelrod Tips His Hat To Thad Cochran

About two weeks ago, establishment sleazebag Thad Cochran eked out a win in the Mississippi Republican Primary against Tea Party challenger, Chris McDaniel. The Cochran campaign filled the airwaves with sleazy, race-baiting ads and distributed fliers to draw Black Democrats to the polls.

It appears to have been successful, but McDaniel has refused to concede the race. There also appears to be Mississippi election laws broken, so nobody really knows who will go on to the general election in November.

We've invited our expert on sleazy campaign tricks to comment. Take it away, former Obama Campaign Advisor David Axlerod:

I've been following this race, and I must tip my hat to Thad Cochran. As someone who has worked on several Barack Obama Campaigns, I've used almost every dirty trick in the book, successfully smearing all of his opponents.

However, I'm a little concerned. What if these tactics are used by Republicans all over the country? We Democrats have no conscience, so we use rigged voting machines, disenfranchise America's military voters serving overseas, use creative voter registration, commit massive election fraud, ect.

What will happen in November if The GOP begin fighting fire with fire? Or worse yet, somebody like Lee Atwater comes around putting TV ads like those 1988 Willy Horton ads all over the airwaves?

Everybody says that Cochran played dirty because he's an establishment GOP. Maybe he's just a street fighter who's figured out that politics is like a war

I like what Obama is doing right now, importing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. He should get them registered immediately, even the 9-year-olds. It might save The Democrats on Election night.

He's destroying America, but he might save The Senate for us Democrats. As for Thad Cochran, I must say that I am pretty impressed. He'd make a great Democrat.

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