Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Hobby Lobby Decision: A Commentary By Sister Mary Bloody Knuckles

Recently, The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in The Hobby Lobby Case that a family-owned business cannot be forced to pay for contraception services as part of the Affordable Care Act if they have a religious or moral objection to it.

Supporters of religious liberty hailed the decision, while abortion supporters are crying foul.

Here to bring some clarity to the decision is our Faith and Religion Contributor, Sister Mary Bloody Knuckles. Take it away, Sis:

God Bless, you little snickering rodent....

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of religious liberty, over the ham-handed, mulatto Marxist creep in the White House and socialist skanks everywhere who demand that good, moral employers pay for their perverted 'good time.'

I'm sure that fat skank Sandra Fluke is using this decision right now for her political campaign fliers, telling potential voters, 'This is The Supreme Court's War on Women!!!' Boo-hoo!! You dirty, socialist whore!!!

Chief Justice John Roberts, Sammy 'The Bull' Alito, Anthony Kennedy, 'The Smartest Man In The Room' Antonin Scalia, and 'My Brother of a Different Mother' Clarence Thomas ruled correctly....

while shriveled-up communist Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 'John Lovitz look-a-like' Elena Kagen, 'The crypt keeper' Steven Breyer, and 'The Socialist Seniora' Sonia Sotomayor dissented.

I'd like to tell these four Godless heathens to put their hands where I can see them, so I can take my ruler and SMACK 'EM GOOD AN' BLOODY!!' Damnable, sick weirdos.

It's simply amazing that 4 judges in the highest court in the land can find nothing wrong with the government forcing a mom-and-pop shop to pay for their skanky employees contraception. This is sick.

(whisper): Heavenly Father, full of grace....please forgive these wretched leftist whack-jobs. They know not what they do. And that petulant, pencil-necked brat in the White House who thinks your world revolves around him. He was never taught about your grace, while he was attending his communist madrassa and eating dog flesh.

God bless Hobby Lobby, The Supreme Court (well, the five normal justices), and may God bless you and yours.

Sister Mary Bloody Knuckles

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