Monday, July 21, 2014

Obama Go-Go's On Vacation

The world is burning, so that means President Nero is going on yet another expensive vacay. The Obamas are scheduled to leave on Aug. 9

This time, it's off to Martha's Vineyard. Here to tell us about it, are The Go-Go's:

Sometimes being president is not so much fun
Another conflict in The Middle East has begun
The Russians shot down a plane
Illegals bussed to Maine
While Barry attends another fundraiser

Darn those Republicans sure are mean
The Keystone Pipeline won't keep the planet green
Immigration reform
The globe is too warm
They want to stop my agenda at every turn

It's not my fault
There's no help for vets
I need a 16 day vacay
They haven't stopped talking about Benghazi yet

Vacation from my problems in DC
I just have to get away
Vacay down in Martha's Vineyard
Vacation from all the scandals
like The IRS and The NSA
If they blow up I don't want to be around.

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