Monday, July 7, 2014

I Was Away This Week

Your bushy-tailed correspondent was away for a few days this week, and have yet to get all caught up on the news. I want to know:

Has those 9-year-old illegal aliens been registered to vote yet?

I understand that the illegal aliens are spreading dangerous diseases like Tuberculosis. Has there been any outbreaks of Ebola yet? That might get rough.

Has Obama instigated a civil war while I was gone?

Are the people running the V.A. getting their shit together yet?

Has Obama told the truth about anything while I was away?

I understand that Nancy Pelosi was greeting illegal aliens at the border. Please tell me if some drug dealers or human traffickers came by and stuffed her in a van. She needs to disappear.

Are Kimje still married?

Has Trey Gowdy thrown an actual book at those lying pricks at the IRS?

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