Sunday, July 13, 2014

The RedSquirrel Reports From The Border

Reports are trickling out regarding the wave upon wave of under-aged illegal aliens at the U.S./ Mexican border. Government officials are overwhelmed by this unprecedented influx of diseased foreigners, invited in by our Dear Leader and The Democrats.

House Republicans refuse to pass 'comprehensive immigration reform', so the petulant dictator from Kenya has brought in thousands of diseased illegals into this country to overwhelm our country into submission. Many of them are put on buses, and sent to blend into the population.

Dear RSR readers, what we have here is a horrific mess, a humanitarian crisis. Tens of thousands of children are showing up at the border, and turning themselves in to border guards.

They are being sent to and stored on army bases, like inventory. DHS officials have BANNED photographs and video, so your bushy-tailed correspondent snuck in to one of these bases, and files this SHOCKING report:

There are thousands here. Many are refugees, escaping from central American countries overwhelmed by and ran by drug cartels. Lice are visible, running down their little faces. Many are already spreading dangerous diseases, like tuberculosis and scabies.

It simply isn't fair that America can keep their population relarively disease-free, while children in other countries are ravaged. It's good to know that Obama isn't satisfied with redistributing wealth. Now, he's redistributing dangerous diseases.

Meanwhile, Democrat campaign workers are busy registering the under-aged illegals to vote this November. One campaign worker told me:

No, these migrants don't even need to know English or anything. I'm here to get them into voting booths on Election Day.'

Also, your bushy-tailed reporter met some youngsters with a gang MS-13, who are being trained to intimidate white voters outside of polling stations on Election Day, because The New Black Panther Party can't be everywhere.

And look, Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi has arrived on the scene, telling a huddled mass that 'if I could, I'd take you all home with me.' That Nancy is such a charitable soul!

This just in: The President has demanded that Congress give him $3.7 billion dollars for 'comprehensive immigration reform.' Your bushy-tailed reporter has learned from his inside source that Obama plans to buy a house for 37,000 under-aged illegals, many of whom arrive in America wearing tenner shoes bearing an image of Obama.

I'm staying on top of this important story.

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