Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Does A Tyrant Have To Do To Be Impeached Here?

Recently, Our Little Tyrant spoke to some of his screaming, low-information followers in Kansas City, and taunted The Republicans. The Democrats are using a phantom threat of impeachment as their newest campaign fundraising trick, while Speaker John Boehner swears up and down that House GOP are not even considering the move.

We're told that Obama wants to be impeached so he can play the victim and accuse his opponents of racism. This is The Democrats' 2014 mid-term campaign.

Meanwhile, President Nero is trafficking under-aged illegals across the country, has sold guns to dangerous Mexican drug dealers, has committed treason by giving f-16's and tanks to our enemies during a time of war, is guilty of using The IRS to harass his opponents (take a breath)....

....harassed and spied on AP reporters, is constantly violating the separation of powers, and changes laws in violation of the law.

The Democrats can't govern, so they constantly bad-mouth and lie about their opponents.

Obama doesn't know how to be president. He does know how to behave like a 7-year-old bully, and the Obama media will not ever tell his low-information supporters the truth.

He's done so much against America, yet The House Republicans will not impeach him. I think he might amp up the corruption, and commit even more incredible crimes against The American People. Importing diseased illegal aliens might not be enough for Obama to get the impeachment that he wants.

He might give Alaska to The North Koreans next, or introduce Ebola to The U.S. Mainland, then taunt The Republicans some more.

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