Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Obama Presidency Has Been One Bullshit Moment After Another

Ashley Wagner, we know just how you feel....

American figure skater Ashley Wagner has given us the meme of The 2014 Sochi Olympics. Following a strong performance, the judges gave her some less-than-impressive marks, and she let it be known that she was less-than-pleased.

Her facial expression was dubbed the bullshit moment.

I imagine a lot of Americans made that face when they received their health plan cancellation letter after President Obama promised us that if you liked your doctor you can keep your doctor,

or when President Obama lied about Benghazi.

Then there was Operation Fast And Furious,

Oh, and many of us had ANOTHER bullshit moment when we found out that he used The IRS to harass Tea Party activists, and Lois Lerner lied before Congress.

Obama and his team of criminals and totalitarians lie about everything. They are contemptible of everyone, abusive with their power, and offend normal Americans with their alinskyite tactics. 

Some of us had a bullshit moment on Election Night 2012. We know that Obama's sleazy lawyers had disenfranchised our military voters serving overseas. The gang from Chicago went national, as they registered dead people, dogs, illegal aliens, convicts, and flipped voted with rigged voting machines.

So, we know how Ashley Wagner feels. The Obama presidency has been one bullshit moment after another.

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  1. Joe, this is the angriest I've seen you write. It's about time. I've noticed that even my blog, Brain Flushings, has become a bit more angry over the last year. It's difficult to stay lighthearted at a time this bozobama is cutting the military and inviting the muslim brotherhood into our house.