Friday, February 21, 2014

Sen. Schumer: Let's Just Jail Our Opponents While We're At It

See folks, this is what happens when you allow a gang of criminals to steal an election. Remember what Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett said before Election Day 2012?

After we win this election, it's OUR turn. It's payback time. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what THEY deserve.

Recently, power mad New York Senator Charles Schumer (pictured) suggested that The IRS and other government agencies should be used to target The Tea Party. Conservative filmmaker and Obama critic Dinesh D'Souza was indicted for breaking campaign finance laws. We at The RedSquirrel Report believe this indictment is politically motivated. Team Obama also harassed and threatened Fox News Reporter James Rosen. 

Meanwhile, King Obama and his unhinged, out-of-control gang are threatening American businesses with criminal prosecution if they lay their employees off because of Obamacare.

We thought that we would invite the Senator to explain his position, so he sent us this:

Thank you, RedSquirrel Report.

Conservative activists are a real impediment to our progressive dream. It takes so much money and effort to fight them that we believe it would be best if we could just jail our political opponents instead.

We libs hate debate. We would rather just make our opponents disappear.

We believe that Democrats are born to rule, and Republicans are born to pay taxes, but these Tea Party activists are trying to upset this natural order. They are heretics.

As for the establishment Republicans, we know they have no backbone. In fact, most of the establishment Republicans wouldn't mind it if we just began jailing our opponents.

In many ways, we Democrats have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, having dumbed down the government schools. Nobody knows what their rights are anyway. We own the government, Hollywood, television, and the schools, yet there are STILL these pesky constitutionalists who will not go along.
If we start jailing these tea-baggers, I'm confident the rest will fall in line. Thank you.

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