Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stop The Presses! Clay Aiken Is Running For Congress

Mr. Drudge, turn on the siren! American Idol Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken has declared his candidacy for Congress. He will be seeking to unseat Representative Renee Elmer (R) in North Carolina's 2nd Congressional District this November.

But first, he must win The Democratic Primary.

We here at The RedSquirrel Report are running this poll this week. What do you think of Mr. Aiken's chances?

1.800.111.1111....It will be difficult to stop Aiken.

1.800.222.2222....He has a good chance to win this seat as long as Ruben Studdard doesn't enter the race.

1.800.333.3333....He'll win if he sings in his own campaign commercials

1.800.444.4444....He has a good voice, but Simon Cowell thinks that he looks too nerdy.

1.800.555.5555....He won't win.

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