Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Robin Leach's Lifestyles Of The Spoiled And Tone-Deaf Inside The Obama White House

We welcome our new correspondent Robin Leach to The RedSquirrel Report, as we debut his column 'Lifestyles Of The Spoiled And Tone-Deaf Inside The Obama White House':

Thank you, RedSquirrel,

It's champagne hope and caviar change at The Obama White House.

As the American people suffer under King Barack's soul-crushing economic policies, First Lady Michelle Antoinette Obama tweets this picture of her jewelry-wearing mutts. It appears that one of The White dining rooms has indeed gone to the dogs, and they have brought out the fine china.

If one was to caption this photo, it would read:

"Let them eat kibble."

The tone-deaf first couple will complain about 'income equality' as they take the most expensive, taxpayer-funded vacays on the planet. This week, jet-setter Queen Moochelle is skiing in Aspen and King Barry is playing golf in Cali, although he tells people that he is in California to give his support to The Golden State as they deal with severe drought conditions.

These elitist snobs appear to be downright BORED with the misery they are unleashing on this country. While the American people receive health plan cancellation letters, The Obamas (and their dogs) live like royalty.

I wonder which wine goes with milk bone dog biscuits....

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