Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What To Do If An ObamaCare 'Navigator' Visits You

The Obama Administration has announced that they will roll out a $700,000,000 campaign to get Americans enrolled in ObamaCare. They have their friends in Hollywood on hand to tell us that it's cool, and they have hired 16,000 new IRS agents to harass you into compliance.

Obama has also hired thousands of navigators to help The American People wade thru the mountains of paperwork involved

Sure, we here at The RedSquirrel Report know that this horrific law is now the law of the land, but we also believe there are millions of Americans who will refuse to take part in this madness. Your bushy-tailed community organizer is here to show all you freedom-loving refuseniks how to peacefully protest this terrible law.

You can attend an ObamaCare Card Burning Rally to show Washington just how angry you are. You can also burn your 65-page ObamaCare package.

When the ObamaCare navigator shows up at your front door, perhaps you can refuse to let him in. When he tells you to open the door, start taunting them in Franglais.

Insult his family. Call his mother a hamster and his father a drunk. If you have friends over, throw stuff out the window.

Catapult a cow thru your chimney. If you have any chickens, toss them out of your second-story window. Maybe one of the chickens will peck their eyes out.

Eventually, you may be killed by the police, but at least you will have made your feelings known.

200 years from now, the history books will note your protests against this terrible law, right there along with abolitionist John Brown and the millions of Americans who burned their draft cards.

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