Monday, July 15, 2013

The Celebrity Idiot Of The Week

Recently, unhinged former Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Americans should celebrate Obamacare on July 4.

Bette Midler (pictured) fantasized about The British winning The Revolutionary War so that The American People could have THEIR health care system.

For normal Americans with their heads screwed on straight, it appears as if liberal celebrities are purposely trying to out-stupid each other. It's like a contest.

This gives me an idea. Someone should create a television program, where we can vote for the biggest idiot in America.

We open several 1.800 telephone lines, and the American people can vote for their favorite doofus. It's a little like American Idol. For example:

Who is The Idiot of the Week?

1.800.111.1111 Nancy Pelosi

1.800.222.2222 Bette Midler

1.800.333.3333 Toure' Niblett

1.800.444.4444 Chris Rock

1.800.555.5555 Miley Cyrus

1.800.666.6666 Toni Braxton

1.800.777.7777 Matthew Modine

Dear TV producers Simon Fuller and Mark Burnett:

If either one of you guys want to get the ball rolling, have your people call me. We'll do lunch.

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