Saturday, July 6, 2013

John Kerry, Where Are You?

This week, scores of people in Egypt showed their displeasure with dictator Mohammad Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood, and so they protested. The military threw their support behind the people, and ousted Morsi.

Meanwhile, our very own dictator Barack Obama was caught flat-footed, while his Secretary of State John Kerry was off enjoying a day on his yacht. Well, it's actually his wife's yacht.

Our very own cartoonist created a hashtag on Twitter, #JohnKerryYachtNames, which trended.

All of this reminds me of that TV theme song from the 1950's, Car 54, Where Are You?:

The Middle East is exploding, Egypt is going up in flames
Morsi's losing power and Obama doesn't know who to blame
The situation's hot and Lurch is on his yacht

John Kerry, Where Are You?

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