Monday, July 22, 2013

Dzhokhar On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone

I'm not a rock singer, I got blood on my fingers
I wage jihad everywhere I go
We like to create terror and make blood rain down
Until the twelfth Imam decides he'll show

I say to Hell with you infidels
How I love to hear your cries and moans
In that boat I was caught and then I got shot
Now I'm on the cover of The Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone-I look so good on the cover
Stone-It's too bad I ran over my brother
Stone-The girls like to see my face
On the cover of The Rolling Stone

My brother Tamerlan & I would do anything
that our Quran says
We got a Middle-Eastern Imam
showing us a better way
The thing in this bag will blow off your legs
and shatter all your bones
Some people think it's sick, Now I got my picture
On the cover of The Rolling Stone

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