Monday, July 15, 2013

Moochelle: The White House Is Like A Prison

Recently, First Lady Michelle Obama said that living in The White House is like living in a really nice prison. Scores of angry commoners on Twitter wished that she would be released from her incarceration.

She has my sympathy. They only let her out every three weeks or so, as she jets off on another one of her $100,000,000 vacays with her family. She must be so envious of all the little people barely making it paycheck-to-paycheck. I wonder if she refers to her Secret Service detail as prison guards.

Perhaps Moochelle compares The Main Ballroom to a prison mess hall. State dinners must be a nightmare. Inviting the likes of Jay-Z, his glamorous wife Beyonce and the glitterati from Hollywood, you can never tell who might suddenly jump out of their chair, and "cut you up." 

I'll bet that some of her friends know to turn a spoon into a knife.

It's a good thing that she has her victory garden to keep her busy. In 1978, I remember seeing Midnight Express. Those TURKISH prisons will drive you out of your mind if you don't have any activities to keep your mind occupied.

I'll bet her Let's Move campaign is popular in the yard.

Does Barack know that his wife feels like a prisoner trapped in The White House? I don't remember hearing her complain as he was busy stealing the 2012 Election. He and his team of smear artists and election fraudsters wound up adding 4 MORE YEARS to Michelle Obama's sentence.

There is no justice.


  1. good piece. my heart goes out to her and I hope she makes it through this difficult time. at least her exercise yard is large enough land the presidential jet--they call it The World

  2. add "to" in large enough to land---