Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We're Not In America Anymore, Toto

This week, President Creepy is taking his family on a $100,000,000 African vacay. I guess implementing his anti-freedom agenda must be exhausting.

I wonder if he will be attending a family reunion while he's there.

Here to tell us about it is 80's supergroup Toto. Hit it, boys:

The Obamas will be taking flight,
while The American people suffer under a bad economy
Those tea-baggers on The Right,
keep on bringing up those unfortunate deaths in Benghazi
All those little Cheering kids on the runway
Little Birthers welcome Barack Hussein back home
I wonder what do they know that CBS and ABC doesn't know?

We're gonna take a hundred million dollar vacay
America hates us and we gotta get away
We're on vacation down in Africa
If these people get air conditioning the world will boil

The blue dogs cry out in the night,
and ask themselves, 'Oh, why did we ever vote for Obamacare?'
Those racist meanies on The Right,
keep on pointing out that The IRS and The NSA have been unfair
The low-information schlubs who voted for him are starting----to figure Obama out

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