Sunday, March 29, 2015

Can Hillary Survive Her Email Scandal?

Lately, the big question for political pundits is 'Can Hillary survive this email scandal, and still win the Presidency in 2016?'

The answer is 'Of course she can!'

She is married to the second-most corrupt political figure in this country's history, and he is still adored by the msm. Surprisingly, some reporters appear to be interested in this email story, but they're looking for a Republican scandal to make us forget about this one. If she runs again for President, and wins the Democrat Primary, she is guaranteed at least 45% of the vote in the general election, and that's not even counting all the dead voters.

Democrat voters love corrupt liars and unhinged leftists. Many live in Democrat-ran slums, and blame those evil, rich capitalists and the Tea Party for all their woes. She will have the inner cities, and as long as they believe their master 0bama still seems to support her, the urban vote fraud machine will do anything to make sure she wins.

In fact, Democrats DEMAND corruption. Their ultra-corrupt unionista supporters break heads if anybody stands in their way. Your rank-and-file Democrat friends do not care about the endless, overwhelming multitude of Obama scandals. They believe that with Obamacare, Dr. Obama in his white coat and stethoscope comes to your house, and gives you free health care.

They still believe this EVEN IF they got a health plan cancellation letter. Half of the country are just plain idiots.

Democrats are non-thinking automatons. They will vote for whoever the party bosses tell them to vote for, and if there's not enough votes to win, they'll find just enough ballot boxes somewhere to put them over the top. If there's an election ANYWHERE, they'll try to steal it. In fact, The Gang From Chicago just tried to steal the election in ISRAEL.

So what if Hillary broke the law? Elitists like Hillary and 0bama act as if none of the laws even apply to them anyways. He's running a crime syndicate out of the White House, and if his handlers decide that she will be the president in 2016, what's to stop her?

The Republicans? Don't make me laugh. They're busy attacking Ted Cruz.

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