Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Netanyahu Wins Re-Election. Freedom-Loving Americans Gloat

A week ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was elected to his third term, even though Barack Obama sent his election goons into Israel to defeat him.

Obama's people bussed millions of Arabs to the voting booths, yet Bibi won by a wide margin. On Wednesday, Twitter celebrated as well-wishing Americans and freedom-loving people tweeted happy messages to the people of Israel.

Here at The RedSquirrel Report,  the best thing about Bibi's big victory wasn't what it meant to Israel. Rather, it was the fact that our anti-Semitic child-king hates Bibi's guts enough to interfere in the Israeli election, and yet all his efforts blew up in his face.

Some people say that Bibi won because the voters in Israel are a lot smarter than voters in America. Yes, that's quite obvious. Still, I was surprised that Team Bibi defeated Team Obama, and their corrupt campaign operatives from Chicago was unable to steal the Israeli election.

I wonder if there are electronic voting machines in Israel that Team Obama somehow forgot to rig. On Election Day 2012, tens of thousands of voters complained that their votes for Mitt Romney instead were counted as votes for Obama votes. In many areas, Romney got absolutely ZERO votes, and in many Democrat areas, the number of votes EXCEEDED the number of eligible voters.

Obama also disenfranchised our military voters serving overseas in 2012, and I'll bet that problem doesn't exist in Israel. If you're in the IDF, your vote counts.

So, come on all you freedom-loving Americans. I want to see you gloat like there's no tomorrow. We won big last November, and now Bibi Netanyahu beat back the crooked, corrupt Obama machine.

To our friends in Israel, I say 'shalom'.......and 'Thank you.'

To Obama and his crooked friends, I say 'Suck it, losers.'

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