Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Pitch To Director Barry Levinson

Mr. Levinson,

I have a movie pitch for you. I enjoy your movies, especially Disclosure. It was interesting how the Demi Moore character abused her power over the character portrayed by Michael Douglas.

My story is somewhat similar, involving a powerful female member of the TV media. Rena Dungham is a liberal media darling and producer of a cable TV program who makes a false rape allegation against a man who works in a college library. She claims that he took advantage of her at a fraternity toga party. She tells her weird tale to a major music magazine, and it appears as the front page story.

The leftist reporter doesn't even interview anyone who was at the party, any college police, or local law enforcement.

She refers to him as Barry, The President of The College Republicans, and describes him as having thick brown hair, an eagle belt buckle and a cowboy hat.

These charges are turning his life inside out. He wants to know why this maladjusted maniac would be spreading false allegations against him. Angry female students demand that he be thrown off campus, and he sees himself on the nightly news as the 'face of campus rape culture.'

Finally, Barry has had enough. He goes to her house in the Hollywood hills to confront Dungham, and hears a faint crying voice echoing from somewhere inside the large house. He takes a look to find that Dungham's sister is being kept in a deep hole in the basement. She is severely malnourished and weakened.

As he tries to save her, Dungham comes at him with a pitchfork, wearing a cowboy hat.

They struggle, and the grotesque TV star falls into the hole, and breaks her neck. He saves the sister, and takes her to the hospital, where they find out that the obese actress has been sexually abusing her since she was 4. Later, he sues the major music publication for slander.

If you think you can make this movie, call me. We'll do lunch.

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