Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Betsy Hodges Is Pandering Again

It seems like every time I see Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges on the news or in some YouTube video, she is very busy pandering to Somali Muslims, criminals, and Black voters with a grudge against cops.

She makes an appearance with Somali voters, and dons a Muslim burka. Does she wear a habit when she meets with Catholics? Does she even know any Christians? I've heard of Dressy Bessy, but this is just crass.

I am thinking about going as Mayor Hodges this Halloween. Does anybody know any place where I can rent a burka?

In a recent KSTP News report, the mayor makes an appearance with a Black-American male in one of her 'get out the vote' drives, and makes a playful 'gang-sign' for a photographer. While everyone is lambasting 'those bigots' at KSTP for their report, the guy in the photo and some of his friends reportedly beat and rob a man.

Then Mayor Hodges or someone working on her behalf stops a police investigation into the crime relating to the man in the photo.

Recently, Mayor Hodges and lesbian Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau have been seen videotaped along with American-African children waving black, green, and red flags. They appear to be doing some sort of 'hands up, don't shoot' dance, even though it's been established that 'Hands up, don't shoot' was a lie.

They know that Michael Brown was attacking Officer Darren Wilson, and trying to take his gun, yet the Mayor and her Police Chief gladly partake in the lie in order to make Black-Americans feel good in their victimhood.

You watch her on the news, and think to yourself, 'Wow, she really knows how to make a cop in The City of Lakes feel appreciated......NOT!'

But that's what Democrats do. They import thousands of third-world refugees into our cities, and pander to them like it's going out of style. It makes our new neighbors feel connected to their municipal government. That's how Democrats dominate the cities.

Democrats are also really good at driving terrified White residents and well-to-do voters into the exburbs. They learned this from race-baiting officials such as former Detroit Mayor, Coleman Young.

If there were any Republicans left in Minneapolis, we should get into this game. We should invite European women attacked by Muslim rape gangs into our city, then work to get their vote. We should invite Swedes, Anglos, and Germans who are sick of seeing their cities taken over by Muslims.

Or better yet, maybe Catholic Charities can ask the Chinese government to empty their political prisons, and sponsor these persecuted people. Heck, if 0bama can traffick under-aged illegal aliens, Republicans can surely sponsor a few thousand political prisoners.

Come on Republicans. Start pandering.

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