Monday, March 9, 2015

Ban Bullets, Take Over The Internet, Bitch About Voter Suppression

In the last week, King 0bama has taken over the Internet, banned bullets, ignored another judge, and made a speech bemoaning voter suppression.

We asked our youth correspondent, Eric, to tell us what he thinks of these developments:

Thanks, Red.

Obama is bitching about voter suppression again, trying to gin up anger with his base of dead people and vote fraudsters. He and that douche Al Sharpton lied about 'Hands up, don't shoot', because everything is about dividing this country with these race-baiting jerk-offs. 

They are douches out-of-time, literally living in 1953, even though America allowed King Barry to steal the 2012 Election. Meanwhile, those Republican pussies let this maniac do anything he wants.

The same douche bitching about voter suppression hired a sleazy army of lawyers to disenfranchise our military voters voting overseas. The nerve of this asshole!

Let's see, we have a Black president. He has a Black Attorney General named Eric Holder who violates our rights and sells guns to dangerous Mexican drug dealers. The Black president's Black wife is telling us what we may or may not eat at school. We have Black communists like John Lewis, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Maxine Waters passing terrible laws and ruining lives.

Many cities are ran into the liberal Black politicians. But Blacks have no power? Shut yo mouth, and stop yo bitchin!

This week, our Kenyan despot took over The Internet, and I'm hearing some freaky stuff about what that might mean. For example:

Like most boys, I love playing violent video games. My favorite one is where I get to blow away The Muslim Rape Gang before they can hurt my girlfriend. I wonder if 0bama and his Muslim Brotherhood pals in The White House might deem it 'too offensive,' and take it away. I'll be so pissed :(

0bama wants to treat The Internet as a 'public utility,' like water or electricity. We are hearing this new term 'net neutrality.' I think it means that if someone wants better Internet service, they can't pay to get it. Deadbeats get the same service now.

They already can go to the library. My dead friend Kenny liked going to the library and get on a computer. Isn't that good enough?

Instead of 'Net Neutrality', how about 'school lunch neutrality? I think that we should get the same school lunch that Michelle 0bama's daughters get.

0bama is also banning bullets, unless you're a dangerous Mexican drug dealer. He also ignored and disrespected the judge in Texas who ruled against his illegal, unconstitutional amnesty. Where does this communist punk and his commie czars find the time to do all this crap to Normal Americans?

If I was that judge I'd smack 0bama on the knee with my gavel, and tell him 'You will respect my authoritah!'

He has committed so many impeachable offenses and has done so much damage to our country, it's no wonder he also wants to also take our guns. Jackass.

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