Sunday, March 8, 2015

RSR Correspondent Jackie Mason Reports From Netanyahu's Speech Before Congress

Last Tuesday, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before Congress. It was a speech for the ages, yet 55 Democrats refused to attend, and not a single member of the 0bama regime was there.

We asked our correspondent Jackie Mason to file this report. Take it away, Mr. Mason:

Thanks, Red.

So, the putz-in-chief didn't like it that Bibi spoke to Congress. Well, Normal Americans don't like that traitorous schmuck giving arms to the enemy. Obscene Jack-ass.

55 Democrat members of Congress boycotted the speech. It's unbelievable to me that these anti-Semitic, immoral poltroons were afraid to anger that creep 0bama. Shameful.

That plastic-faced yenta Nancy Pelosi said that she was 'near tears' she was so offended with the speech. Right. Bibi tells Congress that we can't allow those bloodthirsty psychopaths to have nuclear weapons, but we're supposed to be concerned for that nutcase Pelosi's 'feelings'? Time to grow up, Nancy.

Bibi thanked 0bama and America over and over. He reminded us that this speech before Congress was NOT partisan. Democrats AND Republicans have always been there for Israel, yet King 0bama refused to allow even that groping goofball Joe Biden to attend.

0bama wants a deal with that whackjob Ali Khamenei. One thing I've noticed about agreements with foreign dictators and weirdos is that America's enemies always break these agreements. Bibi said that a deal will not stop them from building nuclear weapons....It paves the way.

It's good that we have at least one adult leading the free world. God help us.

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