Thursday, April 2, 2015

An RSR Exclusive: A Conversation With The Treadmill That Attacked Harry Reid

On New Year's Day, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was 'attacked' by an 'exercise treadmill', and to many, this incident looked a little suspicious. Reid suffered a deep gash in his eye, and his face suffered several bruises.

There is a story going around that he was meeting with 'certain associates' which may or may not have been tied to the mob. As the story goes, he was at this Las Vegas meeting to apologize to them for failing to bring home come legislative pork.

His constituents didn't take it well.

Our correspondent asked around, and got to meet the 'exercise treadmill' in question. He spoke to him/it, who referred to himself/intself as 'Vinny,'

According to 'Vinny', Senator Reid promised a 'certain project' as a pay-off for political contributions. When Reid failed to 'deliver', it was then he suffered his 'exercise-related injuries.'

At the end of this short conversation with 'Vinny', he/it wished the retiring Senator a 'happy retirement.'

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