Monday, September 8, 2014

Should Minnesota Re-name It's Towns And Cities?

Since the 1990's, the ongoing civil war in Somalia has resulted in thousands of refugees relocating in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Currently, there are over 32,000 Somalis in the state, which boasts of having the largest Somali population of any state in The United States.

In 2006, Minnesota's 5th District voters elected Muslim leftist Keith Ellison. He believes that Democrats should oppose The Second Amendment.

Meanwhile, Somali staffers at Minneapolis city hall declared February 28 'Hijab Day,' as newly elected Minneapolis Mayor, Betsy Hodges and our lesbian Police Chief Janee Harteau pandered to them by wearing hijabs.

More recently, two residents of Minneapolis were discovered to be fighting for the bloodthirsty, Islamic death-gang ISIS. One of them worked at our local airport.

Nobody knows how many more Jihadis reside in Minnesota.

Personally, this bushy-tailed correspondent thinks that our guilty, liberal friends at Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, and World Relief Minnesota haven't gone far enough in making our new Muslim neighbors feel at home. Maybe it's about time Minnesota REALLY gets with the times, and begin changing the names of our towns and cities:

Minneapolis------------> Minnedushu

Only when we begin changing the names of our towns and cities will our new Muslim  neighbors finally feel at home.

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  1. Great take on a giant problem. It is taking the country a very long time for the Lunesta to wear off