Monday, September 8, 2014

Dear Leader Has No Strategy

Fresh off another vacation, President Nero admitted to not having a strategy in dealing with terrorists. Between golf, vacations, and wrecking America, Dear Leader just can't find the time.

The President has no strategy in dealing with ISIS, but he has a rather extensive strategy in dealing with his political opponents. During the presidential election of 2012, he disenfranchised our military voters serving overseas, rigged voting machines, and engaged in an unprecedented strategy of blatant voter fraud.

He and his team also relentlessly smeared his opponent Mitt Romney, and used The IRS to harass and abuse conservative groups seeking 501c4 status.

The President has no strategy in dealing with terrorists, but had a strategy in doing harm to guns rights in America. He sold guns to dangerous Mexican drug dealers. This strategy was called Operation Fast And Furious, and it was his strategy to undermine The Second Amendment.

If the drug dealers caused enough death and mayhem, The American People themselves might cry out for strict gun control.

The President has no strategy in dealing with terrorists, but has a strategy to get his way. He ignores, insults, and threatens the other branches of our government. He abuses the power of the presidency regularly, acting like an arrogant, petulant tyrant.

He promised the most transparent presidency ever, yet has an army of lawyers to guard ALL of his records. At the same time, he unleashes his army of leftist regulators, Obamacare navigators, and The NSA to shove their collective snout in your business.

The President says he has no strategy in dealing with ISIS, yet has a multitude of strategies to reduce your freedom. He has appointed dozens of leftist weirdos (called Czars) to push the people, a Cloward and Piven stragedy to overwhelm our system, and a Saul Alinsky strategy to humiliate and intimidate anybody who disagrees.

Wow, with all these strategies, it's no wonder he can't find time to develop a strategy to deal with terrorists. No wonder he wanted to end the war in Iraq.

The war in Iraq was just an annoying distraction from his mission to fundamentally transform America into an impoverished, third-world dictatorship.

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