Thursday, September 25, 2014

Was It A Latte', Or The President's Drug Test?

Earlier this week, President Obama stepped off from Marine One, and disrespectfully saluted two marines with a Styrofoam cup in his hand.

This outraged America. Many took to Twitter, and commented on the rather offensive optics of the president saluting marines with a cup of latte'.

Judging from his disastrous presidency, and his strange behavior, RSR has learned the real story of The President's Cup.

Our source at The White House tells us that Mr. Obama has been addicted to drugs since he was in High School. We have discovered that he has a team of doctors and psychiatrists who run a series of tests weekly to make sure that he can 'keep it together' while he's in public.

Every week, this team tests the president. Part of this includes his weekly drug test, where he urinates into a cup for analysis. On Tuesday, he had one of his episodes, forgetting that he was still holding his drug test as Marine One was landing.

It's O.K. America, The President just forgot that he had his drug test in his hand as he was saluting the marines. Carry on.

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