Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wow, That's A Great Mug Shot

....and now, a word from our new sponsor....

You're a rock star Republican, and you may be making a run for The Presidency in 2016. Chances are, your insane enemies on the left wouldn't like anything more than to form a grand jury, and indict you for merely doing your job.

Well, you're in luck. The Grand Ole Photo Studio specializes in highly stylish mugshots.

You do not want to run for higher office without them. In fact, Democrats are so hellbent on smearing and eliminating their opponents, you would be a fool not to hire our glamour shot artistes for all your mug shot needs.

Here's one of our satisfied customers:

'After that leftist grand jury indicted me on bogus abuse of power charges, I called Grand Ole Photos, and I must say, the mug shot they took of me looks more like a glamour shot.

I gladly payed $50.99 for a portrait-sized photo, (10) 3 by 5's, and 20 wallet-sized photos:

The professional photographer reminded me to smile, because what Democrats want is an unkempt, angry mug shot they can use against me in their future campaign commercials.

Once again, Thank you Grand Ole Photo Studio for NOT making me look like THIS': 



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