Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yes, We Have No More Bacon

Recently, a restaurateur in Vermont took down a sign after a Muslim took offense to the word 'bacon' on the offending sign.

What's next? Will grocery stores actually begin taking pork and bacon products off the shelves because it offends easily-offended Muslims? What about restaurants, or your neighborhood cafe? I was reading this story, and started humming 'Yes, We Have No Bananas', substituting some of the lyrics:

Oh yes, we'll sell no more bacon
We'll sell no more bacon at all
A Muslim in hijab says it's a big prob
They say pig meat is really unclean
We no longer got' em
Ham from a piggy's bottom
So YES, we have no more more bacon
We'll sell no more bacon no more

Oh yes, we'll sell no more bacon
We'll offer bacon no more
Someone was bitchin' over bacon in kitchen
So we are going halal
You can't have bacon in your burger
Those Muslims will scream bloody murder
So, yes, we have no more bacon
We have no more bacon no more


  1. And without bacon, pork and other fine products from the genus bovine, will we then have a "pig problem?"

  2. BTW--I put your link on my blog as well. Thanks Joe