Sunday, September 21, 2014



President Obama has been arrested. He was handcuffed, and put in a police van after being charged with a myriad of crimes against The American People, including treason and criminal dereliction of duty.

At 1:00 p.m. today, a convoy of 12 high-ranking military officers departed from The Pentagon, with a contingent of military police. They entered The White House, and placed The President under arrest. They read a long list of charges, then Obama was loaded into a police van, where he was taken to an undisclosed location.

Our correspondent rode with the officer and the president, and files this report:

I rode in the police vehicle with an officer and the president, who sat in the back in a state of shock. During the drive, the officer spoke to the visibly seething president, and said the following:

"So, you sold guns to those dangerous Mexican drug dealers, an' they killed that border agent. Then, you gave our f-16's an' tanks to The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

You also used The IRS to target an' harass your political opponents, then sent your people out to lie about it.

You turned your back on our guys in Benghazi while they were being killed, an' sent your people out to lie about that.

Then, you refused to protect our border, and trafficked under-aged illegal aliens. You didn't even tell anybody where you relocated them. You made Americans kids sick with that virus, an' many kids had to go to the hospital.

And for what? Just for a little power.

(looking into the overhead mirror)
Y' know, there's more to life than a little power. Don'tcha know that?"

I just don't understand.

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