Sunday, August 18, 2013

What Will The Minnesota State Legislature Unionize Next?

If you're a small-business owner, the Democrat-led Minnesota State Legislature is turning the state of 10,000 taxes into an environment hostile to your workplace. The unionistas have the best legislature their money can buy, and now they want to force daycare providers, many of whom work for themselves, to become state employees. On May 24, our esteemed Governor Mark Dayton signed S.F. 778, which begins the process of unionization.

The providers will vote, and if the majority vote yes to a union, their profession will be represented by AFSCME. Union membership is at an all-time low, and yet that will not stop these bullies from looking for ways to force people to become unwilling campaign contributors to the Democrats. They use the term 'union dues', but a more descriptive term would be 'job ransom'. Just look at what they have done to the teaching profession.

Your bushy-tailed correspondent wonders who will the Democrats and their allies try to unionize next.

If your child owns a lemonade stand, will bullies with purple t-shirts threaten you and your family if that child doesn't pay 'lemonade stand union dues'?

You tell your 13-year-old to mow the lawn. He responds by calling the local union representative.

Yeah, these are ridiculous examples, but have you ever noticed that when we talk about liberals and their lust for power and other people's money, how often the ridiculous becomes the reality?

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