Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Have Obtained A Special Preview Of BHO's Speech

President Creepy will address the nation today at The National Mall in DC. This comes 50 years after Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech.

The RedSquirrel Report has obtained a special preview of Obama's speech to be delivered at 2:45 EST. Here are some excerpts:

It was 50 years ago when Martin Luther King stood at this very spot, and made some epic statements. He famously said that people should not be judged by the color of one's skin, but the content of one's character.

Well, Dr. King was a great leader, but he was no Messiah. Dr. King spoke well, but I have the power to take over the health-care system and order the death of an American via drone strike!

He never knew the power that I wield. I can snap my fingers, and rob taxpayers of a trillion dollars...then shower my supporters Solyndra and The Service Employees International Union with that money.

Dr. King was great, but he never had a army of corrupt, socialist crooks willing to do anything for him and a compliant media working as his personal secretary.

Dr. King was great, but he isn't THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT.

I stand here as a living testament that we have come so far, yet we STILL have so far to go. There are still some who want to stand in our way, pushing Voter ID laws, and violating our vote 2,3,4....up to 10 times....

Remember, only military voters serving overseas need to be disenfranchised. None of them would ever vote for me.

Then there's that White-Hispanic George Zimmerman who violated Trayvon Martin's right to beat the hell out of him. After so much black-on-white violence that has occurred in this country in the last 5 years, It was shocking to see a non-black victim actually fight back against his black attacker. 

Only dangerous Mexican drug dealers and my personal army should have guns.

We CAN be proud of some great successes though. Abortion is legal, so my daughters Malia and Sasha will not ever be punished with a baby. We can be proud of all of the social services and entitlements available to our permanent, dependent underclass.

Because of me, America will not stand in the way of your right to taxpayer-funded sex-change operations, contraception, and abortion. Because of me, those rights are now set in stone.

My Communist father had a dream, where little black children and little white children can come together, and mindlessly chant their prayer to me....


....and brain-dead, low-information voters can proudly wave their Obama flags. I wish that my Communist father could see what his son has done to this country.

Soon, I will forgive your college loans, as long as you agree to work for me and my gang of community organizers. It will be the only full-time job that still exists.

Thank you. That's my time. Praise Allah.

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