Monday, August 26, 2013

MnSure Covers Bunyan

Minnesota's ObamaCare health exchange, known as MnSure, rolled out it's $9,000,000 ad campaign last week.

It features Minnesota icons, Paul Bunyan and his pal Babe The Blue Ox. The TV commercials depict the legendary lumberjack as a accident-prone dweeb, dependent on the state for his health care. Gone is the independent, rugged persona.

Instead, they have turned him into your dependent 26-year-old child.

Nowhere is ObamaCare mentioned, and neither is the individual mandate. They fail to mention fines, penalties, lost jobs, or the unaffordability of The Affordability Care Act. The billboards scream about '10,000 reasons to enroll in MnSure'.

They don't mention that all Americans are being forced to get insurance. I guess that must be reason 10,001.

Following the roll-out of this controversial ad campaign, Minnesota bloggers started a #hashtag game on Twitter, #badmnsureadconcepts.

Here's My Top 10 Bad MnSure Ad Concepts. Actually, some of these are better than using Paul Bunyan.

10. Former stars of The American Wrestling Association fill an emergency room.

  9. Axl falls out of his tree house, and breaks a leg. Oofta.

  8. Bullwinkle and Rocky are taken into a hospital after suffering hypothermia.

  7. The Hanson Brothers from Slapshot get into a brawl, and need reconstructive surgery.

  6. Goldy, The University of Minnesota mascot, has his face pressed against the window of a neonatal care unit. He faints when he learns that he's a father of FOUR babies.

   5. The 'So I called it in' guy from Fargo describes his various maladies treated for free because of MnSure. End of story.

   4. A commercial done in the style of the classic Bob Dylan 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' video

   3. A MnSure 'navigator' tells Former Minnesota Vikings head coach Bud Grant that everything is covered, and the stone-faced coach actually smiles.

   2. Minnesota Timberwolves' mascot Crunch gets his tail caught in an escalator at The Mall of America.

   1. Joe Mauer is injured.........AGAIN???!

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