Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dear President Obama: America Apologizes For The Rodeo Clown

Imagine the culture shock our Commander-in-Chief must have experienced when he watched rodeo clown Tuffy Gessling playfully wearing his Obama mask as part of his show with a 1,200 pound bull.

There are no rodeos in inner-city Chicago or Indonesia. There's plenty of inner-city violence and dog-eating, but no rodeos.

The rodeo clown was only entertaining the crowd at The Missouri State Fair, but The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People saw it as an incitement to violence against The President, calling on The Department of Justice AND The Secret Service to investigate this matter.

Maybe the DOJ should also charge the rodeo clown with violating the president's civil rights. In ObamaLand, up is down and down is up.

Nobody told Gessling that you are not supposed to make fun of Dear Leader. You are supposed to sit still, faint, and worship him and his stream of unicorn fart, big-government platitudes.

The Messiah is above the rest of us. All together now....Barack Hussein Obama....mmmm....mmmm.....mmmm.....

It's perfectly proper for Barry and his gang of ruthless corruptocrats to herd us around, spy on us, ignore the rule of law, and rob us of our liberties, but we are never, ever allowed to make fun of Dear Leader.

It used to be a rodeo tradition for clowns to wear presidential masks. In fact, until quite recently, Americans were free to make fun of their politicians in a host of ways. You can't blame Obama for not knowing this, because he might not be from around here.

Following the discovery of this photo of the clown and his Obama mask, our rodeo clown was banned from The Missouri State Fair. I guess in this economy, no job is safe. All the clowns in the state of Missouri have been ordered to attend Sensitivity Training Classes to make sure that no one makes fun of Obama (or any future black presidents) again.

Obama is at odds with our rugged, unique, American culture. He has probably spent so much time going from classroom to another classroom to another classroom, learning all he has ever known from Communist teachers and professors, that he might not have ever been on a field trip to a milk pasteurizing plant or have ever seen a privately-owned farm.

It was really insensitive for Mr. Gessling to make fun of our almost God-like leader. In fact, it borders in heresy. In Obama's America, only Catholics, Christians, Jews, and Mormons are supposed to be made fun of.

We apologize, Mr. President. We are truly sorry.

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