Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Stand Against Obama

A couple weeks ago, I watched the 1994 miniseries Stephen King's "The Stand" on YouTube. As I reacquainted myself with this story, a thought came to me.

Something quite similar to this story is actually happening in America right now.

The Stand begins, as a weaponized type of the superflu escapes from a government lab in California. An infected guard tries to take his family away from the danger, but they die somewhere in West Texas.

The super-influenza goes by the name of Captain Trips, and it spreads quickly, killing almost everybody.

Survivors immune to the sickness begin having strange dreams of a very old black woman named Mother Abigail. She sits on her porch in Nebraska and tells each dreamer to come to her, and to avoid the evil man in the cornfield.

These characters, from New York City and Texas, and many places in between, make their way to Mother Abigail's house. They come together, and discover the meaning of their dream.

They have been brought together to make A Stand against the evil one named Randall Flagg.

To me, this story has become the story of the modern Right. Author Stephen King would definitely laugh at my explanation. He is a lib who once referred to Glenn Beck as 'Satan's retarded brother.'

But still, the Mother Abigail character reminds me of The Right's spiritual magnet, Sarah Palin. Randall Flagg reminds me of Barack Obama.

The Right loves Sarah Palin. Tough, conservative guys, everyday Tea Party people, as well as leather-clad bikers love her. Just as is the case in The Stand, many on Team Good keep the faith, while some lose theirs.

Some of the less-faithful characters in The Stand remind me of establishment Republicans, or RINOS. They talk a good game while running for office, but then they are corrupted by DC. Real champions resist corruption and thrive even after they are ridiculed by the state-run media.

Meanwhile, Obama Flagg rules with fear and intimidation. His followers are a dependent and criminal mob of low-information voters, who are easily corrupted. Obama Flagg seduces and deceives his underlings as he runs their lives.

In 2014, we have an opportunity to make our stand against Obama and his Democrat friends in Congress. The mid-term elections are coming, and we can break his power if we keep the faith.

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