Monday, July 13, 2015

The American Bad-Ass Vs. Race-Shaming Fascists

In the wake of the Obamunist-Maoist cultural revolution happening to the south right now, race-shaming culture fascists are now demanding that Kid Rock denounce the Confederate flag. Here is a little song that describes his reaction to this insanity:

Race-baiting fascists, You can kiss my ass
I will not be shamed,  America will last
We will wave any flag that we please
I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees

I choose freedom, to do or say what I will
of all you fascist bastards, we've had our fill
You woke the sleeping giant, You better let him be
You're in America, The land of the free

They call me Kid Rock, You better let me be
I'm for freedom of speech, and The General Lee
And say hey, hey
I'm for freedom of speech, and say hey, hey
Leave us alone say hey. hey
Shout it out loud and say Hey, hey, hey, hey

I'll say what I want, wave the Stars N' Bars
Piss you off, paint the hood of my car
If you disagree, That's just fine
It's called Freedom Of Speech, Now don't mess with mine

I told you to leave me alone, I don't want any drama
and don't you be callin' in Sharpton or Obama
You fascist idiots make me wanna puke
Take TV shows off the air. like Bo And Luke


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