Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Obama's America, Part 2

In Obama's America....

Iran can get their hands on nukes, but American military personnel aren't allowed to arm themselves. The corrupt president can threaten to disarm law-abiding Americans, while selling guns to dangerous Mexican drug dealers.

A Black criminal can attack a police officer. If he dies, the president sends a delegation to his funeral. A White woman is murdered by a violent criminal alien, and Dear Leader honors her memory by heading off to the golf course.

Illegal Aliens can move to a sanctuary city, and are rewarded for breaking the law. Normal, law-abiding Americans get no sanctuary from horrible laws like Obamacare, and are politically-harassed by Dear Leader's Secret Police, also known as The IRS.

Black thugs burn down a city, but that's o.k. The inept, corrupt mayor can always expect America's taxpayers to re-build it.

Race-baiters force towns to take down the Stars N' Bars, while same-sex marriage supporters get to raise their rainbow flags high. In fact, our Communist president lights The White House like a rainbow flag.

Muslim killers are called lone wolves. One racist oddball murders 9 Black Christians in a church? Let's blame the entire White race.

Black foreign leader Nelson Mandela dies, and our child-king orders flags lowered at half staff. 5 American soldiers are slaughtered, and we're still waiting.

The corrupt fraud in The White House wants to give convicts the right to vote. If you're a military voter serving overseas, he would rather disenfranchise you.

The control freak in The White House is putting together a race database that would almost make The Anti-Christ envious, while guarding all of his personal records. Then, he has the nerve to boast that his administration is the most transparent in history.

Welcome to Obama's America.

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