Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Was Away This Weekend

I was away for The 4th of July weekend, and didn't follow the news. Now that I'm back, I want to be up to speed on things:

Before I left, I read that dear leader's EPA commissars wanted to ban fireworks and backyard barbecues. I saw the fireworks in Duluth, Minnesota, so I guess Barry wasn't successful.

Don't hate dear leader for wanting to ban fireworks. I don't think he grew up celebrating America where he's from.

I also read that our soldiers had to celebrate Independence Day on June 3 this year so they wouldn't offend Muslims during Ramadan. I was wondering if the Muslims will be moving some of their holidays to avoid clashing with our holidays. It's only fair.

Also, symbols like the Stars N' Bars were being taken down, and Americans were getting their rights trampled on. President Creepy was flooding America with illegal aliens and pushy Muslims, and he was on an all-out assault on America. I take it that hasn't changed since Friday,

Francis Scott Key wrote our national anthem while watching the British bombard Fort McHenry. Obama and his unhinged leftist friends are bombarding America with lies, government-controlled health care, attacks on free speech, race-baiting, and still more attacks on Christianity and our culture.

I'm not sure if bombardment is the proper term. It seems more like a Blitzkrieg.

I was away this 4th of July weekend. Did President Creepy and his boss Valerie Jarrett take a break from their non-stop attacks on Normal America? I hope he was out improving his golf game. It seems that he does the least amount of damage to our great country while on the golf course.

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