Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hank Hill: Has Everybody Lost Their Minds?

The RedSquirrel Report welcomes our new correspondent Mr. Hank Hill, who sends us this:

My name is Hank Hill, law-abiding, Normal-American dad. I would like to say a few things about a recent news story that happened in the country I love.

Up in Minnesota, there is a liberal charter school that sent a class on a 'field trip' to a place called 'The Smitten Kitten." This store sold....uh....adult toys. I don't think that kids really need to be educated in this manner.

I remember my wife Peggy telling me about some of the funny looks she got from the kids when she was called in to teach Sex-Ed. Teaching about our plumbing is alright, I suppose, but Sex-Ed isn't meant to be fun. It's meant to be scary and dark. Personally, I would rather give all the kids an egg, and tell the kids to take care of that egg for a week.

It would be better if the eggs screamed and cried constantly.

If the kids wanted to learn something, send them on a field trip to a dairy, or Strickland Propane. Teach them about the wonderful world of Propane and Propane accessories.

The big problem with some people is that they do not observe boundaries. An illegal alien doesn't, and that also goes for some of these priests and teachers who.....get too close....to the kids. These people just ain't right.

Sex is....uh....good. But it is for us ADULTS...even for those with a narrow urethra.

Thank you.

Hank Hill
Arlen, TX

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