Monday, July 27, 2015

Here We Are In Sanctuary City

Here we are in Sanctuary City,
where illegals live, where liberals take pity
You can't send us home
Here we are in Sanctuary City
We left because our old home's shitty
You can't send us home

Just an alien livin' down the street
free health care, hangin' off yer teet
I'm your welfare case, food stamps so I can eat
Libs say that's just fine
if I can't read a stop sign

Dear Leader he has his scheme
re-defining the American dream
Don't you dare call his agenda extreme
or we will call you a racist pig
don't you dare turn off the spig


Obama is tearing America apart
If you don't let them stay you have no heart
Don't upset the LaRaza apple cart
We must be losing our minds, our minds
America is running out of time

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