Monday, July 20, 2015

George Takei And The Politics Of Outrage

Have you ever noticed that all a liberal has to do to get his or her way is just act like they're becoming unhinged?

A few weeks ago, same-sex supporters won a victory in the Supreme Court. Gay actor George Takei STILL wasn't happy, because there was a dissenting view. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas dared to disagree with the majority opinion, so Star Trek's Mr. Sulu made an offensive, racially-charged remark about the Black-Conservative.

The actor called him a clown in black face, then said that Thomas made him angry.

I wonder what would happen if a Conservative called the president a clown in black face, then said, "He makes me soooo darned angry." Will the Huffington Post suddenly excuse the racially-charged remark? Hell no. They will take that remark, and demand that every conservative denounce and condemn that remark.

It's part of the leftists' Alinskyite tradition of targeting, polarizing, and freezing the enemy.

Then, there's all the recent race riots. Black-Americans are being excused for smashing and burning down stores in their own neighborhood because they are supposedly angry. It's like we're giving them an excuse to do ANYTHING they want just because they cannot control their emotions.

It starts at the top, with our petulant, six-year-old president, complaining and sniveling from his high-chair in The Oval Office. Whenever Congress refuses to submit to his every whim, our little dictator does something like barricading The World War 2 Memorial. I still think this Iran Nuclear Arms Deal is his temper tantrum against the people of Israel for re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu.

A lot of Black-Americans see the way the President behaves and acts, and think that they do not have to follow or obey the rules. They see him getting away with anything he wants, and believe that they can too.

By the way, have you ever heard of an actual leftist organization called ACT UP? A lot of Americans get what they want like the bratty kid in a grocery store when they act up.

Instead of giving these spoiled, snot-nosed leftist brats what they want, we conservatives should slap them silly, and send them to their rooms without supper.

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