Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Government Might Close The Ft. Snelling Officer's Club

On Friday 8, they told Joe the Cartoonist not to come in to work. The national threat security level on all military bases was raised to Threat Level BRAVO, and as a civilian Air Force employee, his employer decided that The Fort Snelling Officer's Club should be closed until further notice.

Meanwhile, our derelict president is flooding the country with Muslim refugees and illegal aliens. He is destroying our national security. Thanks, Barry.

The Federal Government is also in the process of deciding whether the revered Officer's Club, which opened in 1934, will close sometime this year. They say the club is a security risk, and the government would rather spend billions on stuff that's probably worthless (or even harmful to the country) than spend some money on making the club more secure.

The club doesn't help greedy corruptocrats Dianne Feinstein and Filthy Harry Reid get rich screwing the taxpayers, so the powers that be are talking about closing the club. But there again, compared to what they've done to our V.A.'s, I guess the employees and members shouldn't complain.

Actually, the club was doing just fine. It's the government that's risking our security. When it comes to the War On Terror, nobody knows which side the Commander-in-Chief is on. He's busy persecuting Christians and purging our Christian Generals, as he gives our weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood. He shows his hatred for our military every chance he gets.

"Preserving the club would be an important way of honoring our military", says Cindy Pugh, a Minnesota State Representative. Does anybody believe that the current gang in the White House cares about our vets? Remember, Prezzy Stompy Foot ordered The World War 2 Memorial closed to our vets in October 2013 because he WANTED to make normal Americans suffer through sequestration.

Oh, this just in: The child-king is also ordering our military to admit illegal aliens. See America? Us Romney voters warned you.

Joe was back at work just two days after 9-11. They are keeping The Fort Snelling Officer's Club closed for now, and it is looking like they will keep it closed.

The employees at The Fort Snelling Officer's Club don't make it on the evening news very often. They don't waste their time looking at porn on the company computers, or use the club to bribe wealthy foreigners.

The employees don't harass, abuse or intimidate Tea Party Patriots, and the club doesn't misplace billions of dollars, so Hillary wouldn't want to work there.

Maybe if it was converted into a mosque or a place where illegal aliens can access welfare benefits, the feds might keep it open. But this terrific old Air Force hangout and event center just serves terrific food. The staff is friendly, and the management knows how to treat their guests.

The Fort Snelling Officer's Club is one of the few things in the government that actually functions well, so maybe the bureaucrats will probably close it down. Welcome to Obama's America.

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