Thursday, May 21, 2015

SONG PARODY ALERT: MN GOV Mark Dayton Sings "My Way"

And now, the time is near
Alita wants a special session
She wants me to badmouth the Republicans
until I get some more concessions

I want more funding for pre-k
not as much for the highways
And so, I'll flap my gums
until they do it My Way

Well, I won, but lost the state house
But we'll keep on taxing and spending
My friends in the public unions
demand that you keep a' bending

I will say the Republicans hate kids
and not in the most nice or sly way
And so, I'll mumble some more
til they do it My Way

Oh, I am The Man, not that Kurt Daudt
I'll veto their budget, Sign it? I will NOT!
I don't care it had bipartisan support
If you pay taxes, You'll take it in the shorts

I'll trash your name, and you will be blamed
for not doing it My Way

Well I won, last November,
But The DFL had it's share of losing
They say, When Crazy Eyes speaks,
sometimes it gets quite confusing

I will lie and say I've compromised
and say it not in a shy way
You Republicans must bow down to me
and do things My Way

Oh, I am The Gov, Our state is deep blue
We'll have a Senate Office Building, Shiny and new
and light rail trains running everywhere
You don't wanna pay, Well I don't really care!

My record shows, I make the tax dollars flow
You better let me have My Way!

My record shows, I WILL VETO
You better do this MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!

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