Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our Six-Year-Old President Wishes Everybody A Happy Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and my conservative brethren on Twitter spent much of the day lambasting our six-year-old president and the Democrats for their Happy Memorial Day tweet. While heartbroken, young military widows weep at their dead husband's grave site, many Americans see Memorial Day as the beginning of Summer.

For others, it's a time to break out the BBQ grill and maybe head off to the store to find a sale.

Then, there's The Democrats. The party of the perpetual grievance, race riots, redistribution, and non-stop mean-spiritedness, wishing us a Happy Memorial Day on Twitter.   

And there he was, the narcissistic child-king sucking down an ice cream cone. Friends, this may be the least offensive thing our little Kenyan despot has done in recent memory. Between his fundamental transformation of America and destroying our health care system, there are other things we could be concentrating on.

Don't blame our little Kenyan despot for not knowing what Memorial Day is about. He might not be from around here. At least he wasn't wearing a little party hat, and eating cake with his ice cream. The weirdo didn't invite the Bergdahl family over to the White House, and BBQ some dog meat.

On Memorial Day, he went through the motions, laying a wreath and making a speech where he attempted to honor our Fallen Heroes. Of course, he couldn't help himself, bragging about this being the first Memorial Day in 14 years without a serious ground war. That's because he deserted our friends, and they are being beheaded, raped, murdered, and enslaved. Congratulations, Barry.

I'm glad that Our Little Dictator didn't set up some barrycades around Arlington National Cemetery like he did to The World War 2 Memorial.

As with everything, he made Memorial Day about himself. Disgraceful.

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