Thursday, May 21, 2015

Democrats Are Psychotic Bullies

Last week, an Amtrak train derailed in Philadelphia, and before anyone had a chance to collect the bodies, Democrats were already blaming the Republicans for cutting infrastructure funding, even though the conductor was going twice the speed limit.

Once again, the jack-ass party was instantaeously sticking their dirty faces in front of news cameras, and bearing false witness against Republicans. Dems ruin everything, yet they act like little brats, pointing their finger at the dog, yelling "HE DID IT!"

Democrats are bullies, and most people would rather curl up in the fetal position than confront these maniacs and liars. If you're a Republican, White, Christian, or straight....You're guilty, and you need to pay for your privilege.

To the msm, the bullies are the good guys. If you really believe in liberty, you have a great, big target painted on your back. You can't refuse to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, or the gaystapo bullies will try to drive you out of business.

Democrats resemble that horrible, obnoxious kid who sits behind you in class, always smacking you in the head. If you retaliate, he cries to the teacher. They are ALWAYS on the warpath, with their army of sleazy lawyers. They are NEVER, EVER satisfied.

To these bullies, anything they may disagree with must be banned, and everything they like must be manditory. They cannot just live and let live. They wage class warfare, and are never satisfied. When they get a taste for personal power, they go absolutely insane in that quest. Because of them, we are all guilty of something.

Democrats are incredibly contemptible creatures, never satisfied, hateful, sniveling, bratty, spoiled, and incessantly dishonest. They ruin every major city in America, yet blame the Republicans for poverty and crime. If a cop kills a thug, the race-baiters bring in more race-baiters, and cause a race riot. The rioters bust windows and steal stuff, while Democrat sugar daddy George Soros will pay them to destroy cities.

The ends justifies the means to these Alinskyite bullies, incapable of solving real problems. so they just do their best to humiliate their opponents.

Progressive bullies hate those who stand up to them. That's why progressives and commies hate the National Rifle Association. The NRA is like that big kid in the 1980's movie My Bodyguard, protecting our Second Amendment rights. Scowling bully Michelle Obama tells us that she will confiscate all firearms before she leaves the White House.

The brave kids stand up and say, 'Molon Labe, Bitch.'

We like presidential candidate Ted Cruz, because he's like the cool kid who mops the floor with the bullies, but he does it with his mind. Normal Americans love the way the calm, collected Senator from Texas humiliates the bully.

Republican toadies like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell act like the kids who are afraid of the bullies, so they join the bullies. We gave them a majority in November, but it appears they have joined Barry the Bully as he dismantles America.

Barry the Bully has his enforcers. The IRS and The EPA abuses Americans, as their army of smirking bureaucrats act as if nothing can stop them.

Barry is the bully of the playground. Now's the time for freedom-loving Americans to stand up for ourselves, punch the bully in the nose, and take back our lunch money.

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  1. I like that you allowed yourself the well-deserved anger you feel over this crap. You bet your bippy they are bullies. But we have the guns.