Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Open Letter To Islamic Militants And Anti-Freedom Ninnies

Dear Islamic militants and anti-freedom ninnies,

A week ago, two Islamic extremists tried to commit mass murder against attendees at a Mohammad Cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. The contest was the brainchild of First Amendment Activist Pamela Geller.

The hapless terrorist wannabes found out what happens when you try to shoot well-armed Texans, as they were both shot and killed by a security guard. Another guard was shot in the leg by the Islamists, but made a quick recovery.

Now, many in the msm are actually condemning Geller for provoking Muslims, even some spokesheads on Fox News.

We here at the RSR support The First Amendment. We think that in America, you have a right to draw a cartoon or write an op-ed that offends somebody else. Nobody has the right to murder you. Perhaps, we need to better educate some Muslims (as well as many native-born American idiots like Chris Cuomo) who don't quite grasp that concept.

In America, everybody gets to rip on each other. We don't lop somebodies head off or burn them at the stake if they offend our delicate sensibilities. Rush Limbaugh and MSNBC are free to say what's on their mind without somebody putting an orange jumpsuit on them and marching them to an awaiting firing squad.

If you don't grasp that, you'll never fit in.

Many Christians are offended when The NEA uses tax dollars for blatantly blasphemous artwork, but we don't kill the so-called artist over it. The remedy for bad speech isn't death or censorship. It's more speech.

It's really peculiar that many of you Muslims are this offended by a cartoon, but have no problem burning people alive, committing mass murder, raping children, enslaving your neighbors, as well as stoning your daughters if they are raped.

Where I come from, that is offensive.

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