Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hillary On The Campaign Trail

Our roving correspondent is chasing the reporters and supporters of the Hillary for President Campaign, and files this report:

Hey RedSquirrel, I'm here in Iowa,  following the Hillary campaign. Wow, there's so MANY REPORTERS following her around like......lapdogs. 

I think that Hillary's campaign strategy is to have 60,000,000 reporters follow her to the voting booths on Election Day 2016. If it works, SHE WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE!

Today, her campaign staff held a closed casting call. They are looking for three 'everyday Americans' who will be driven to a cafeteria in Ames, Iowa, where they will be meeting with Hillary, face to face.

As it turned out, an Obama intern, someone from Planned Parenthood, and an SEIU union rep have been chosen to play the parts of 'everyday, normal Americans.'

I'll bet that Hillary will be meeting with 'moderate, undecided voter' Rebekah Erler when she makes a stop in Minnesota.

Right now, I see NBC's Chuck Todd running around this parking lot, slapping Hillary bumper stickers on the cars. Gee, I don't know why The Republicans keep saying that the msm is biased.

Now, Hillary's 'Scooby' van is parked in a handicap zone. Maybe she isn't completely recovered from her 'concussion.'

In another tightly-controlled event, Hillary will be speaking at a school, but almost nobody will be allowed to hear or see her. In fact, the school will be on lock down. If anybody but Hillary did this, you would be arrested for 'false imprisonment.' 

 She will invite two reporters in, but no cell phones or microphones will be allowed. They will report that the campaign stop was a rousing success in front of a thousand screaming Hillary supporters.

Well, that it from here. Back to you.

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