Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hillary's Greatest Accomplishment

Republicans foolishly ask, 'What has Hillary Clinton actually accomplished?' 

She made her mark during Watergate, before being thrown off the investigating team. Then, Hillary married into power. Her husband was the Governor of Arkansas, and then he was elected President. Her attempt to take over the healthcare industry ushered in the Republican Revolution in 1995. YOU GO, GIRL!

Then, Hillary REALLY excelled, taking charge of the Bimbo Eruption team, harassing and intimidating women who her husband had affairs with, sexually harassed, and groped inappropriately. Truly, Hillary has proven to be a champion for women!

She has made lots of money in cattle futures, was instrumental during Whitewater, and was able to make money in some truly creative ways.

Then, the carpetbagger from Illinois by way of Arkansas ran for a Senate seat in deep-blue New York....and WON.

She was almost elected President in 2008, but lost in the Democrat primary to a mysterious visitor from Kenya....or Hawaii....or somewhere. After America elected it's first Communist king, she was chosen as his Secretary of State.

Now, she is making another presidential run, and the vast, right-wing conspiracy is all hopped up about how she has used her position as the Secretary of State to sell influence to foreigners and sell America off to our enemies.Thanks to her, the Russians own 20% of America's supply of uranium.

New, damaging information is coming at us almost daily about her work in The Clinton Foundation.

So, her accomplishments are impressive, but her greatest accomplishment is that she has somehow avoided prison.

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