Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jason Lewis Goes Galt.io

Former KTLK host Jason Lewis, 5 days after
quitting his radio show..................................
Last Thursday, we heard KTLK's very own Mr. Right Jason Lewis quit in the middle of his show, but not before delivering his finest 'Starving The Beast' rant. Our inside source tells us that he's growing a beard, and has been spotted heading towards Galt's Gulch in a black SUV.

Many Lewis listeners were surprised and heart-broken, yet supportive of his sudden decision. Luckily, substitute host Dan Conry was available to finish the Thursday program. Galt.io has seen incredible traffic since Thursday afternoon, when Lewis made his dramatic declaration.

Many fans of The Jason Lewis Show are wondering how Jason Lewis will manage without his lucrative radio gig. What many people don't know is that Jason loves to can fruit and vegetables. Our inside source says he will barter whenever it's possible, maybe on his website Galt.io.

Mr. Lewis will be completely off the grid by 2016, except for his website, Galt.io, so only the members of the website will be able to communicate with him, on his website Galt.io.

He plans to keep fighting against big-government parasites, and will continue to 'Starve The Beast' ........on his website Galt.io

In case you didn't know, Jason Lewis has gone Galt. If you're interested, read about it on Galt.io.

Have I yet mentioned that former radio host Jason Lewis has gone Galt, and has a website called Galt.io?

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