Monday, August 11, 2014

The Nancy Pelosi Humanitarian Award Goes To....

Our source in DC tells us that mentally unstable Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been off her meds, which explains her recent bahavior. Recently, she tried to physically attack Pennsylvania Republican Tom Marino as he was speaking on the floor of The House of Repesentatives.

Today, she will be awarding The Nancy Pelosi Humanitarian Award, and we will be covering this important event exclusively. And so, we welcome the Congresswoman:

Heh heh heh.....Wow, I'm seeing a talking squirrel.....and trails....

Today, I am so proud to give this award to a group that so richly deserves this important award. I have been told that Hamas has been fighting for FREEDOM against the Jewish meanies, as the incredibly powerful Israeli bullies have bombed Palestinian schools and hospitals.

I know that Hamas is a humanitarian organization because The Qataries told me so.


This must be one of the Hamas humanitarians Nancy Pelosi was referring to

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